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13" x 18" Used Hydmech Automatic Horizontal Pivot Style Band Saw With Bundling Attachment for Multiple Pieces, Mdl. S-20A, Cast-Iron Shuttle Features Automatic Multi-Indexing up to 27" in Single Stroke, Cast-Iron Guide Arms Mounted On Linear Rails is Adj

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36" Used DoAll Vertical Bandsaw (Excellent Condition, Used In Prototype Facility), Mdl. 36-2, Welder, Grinder, Shear, Support Rods, Work Light, #A5155
13" x 15" Brand New DoALL Continental Series Fully Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw, Mdl. DC-330NC, NC Control Panel: Touch Screen Control, 20 Job Presets, Multiple Language Capability, Trouble Shooting Prompts, Easy Operation, PLC Control for All Electric an
17" x 24" Brand New DoALL Dual Column, Dual Miter StructurALL Automatic Bandsaw, Mdl. DC-700NC, Siemens Control with Touch Screen Display, Automatic Feed Control, Variable Vise Pressure Control - Set of 2, Safety Covers & 3 Panel Work Area Gate, Hydraulic
18" x 29" BRAND NEW DOALL DUAL COLUMN, DUAL MITER STRUCTURALL AUTOMATIC BANDSAW, Mdl. DCDS750SA, Mitsubishi PLC Control, Automatic Feed Control, Variable Vise Pressure Control - Set of 2, Safety Covers & 3 Panel Work Area Gate, Overfeed Protection, Digita
36 ", la mesa se inclina para el corte angular, un juego de alta velocidad, inserte los bloques de guía de tipo para bandas de 1/16" a 1/2 ", uno Juego de inserciones de guía de acero para bandas 1/4 ", 3/8", 1/2 ", Interruptores de puerta de banda, Selec
36" Brand New DoALL (Variable Frequency AC Inverter) Vertical Contour Bandsaw, Mdl. 3613-V3, Table Tilts for Angle Cutting, One Set of High Speed, Insert Type Guide Blocks for Bands 1/16" to 1/2", One Set of Steel Guide Inserts for Bands 1/4", 3/8", 1/2",
14" Brand New MACC Manual Cold Saw (Ferrous Material), Mdl. MACC 350 EDV, Movable Head - 45 deg L/45 deg R, Reduction Unit in Oil Bath, Double Hinged Pin with Eccentric Brush, Double Quick Locking Vise, Coolant Filter, Power Driven Pump for Band Cooling,
10 "x 12" nuevo Hydmech manual (doble Mitre) cabeza giratoria horizontal Sierra de la banda, Mdl. DM-12, Operado manualmente Swing fácil, cabeza de la sierra del molde, lanzamiento rápido Vise del arrabio con las formas de la cola de milano, tabla girator
10" x 12" Brand New Hydmech Manual (Double Miter) Swivel Head Horizontal Band Saw, Mdl. DM-12, Manually Operated Easy Swing, Cast Saw Head, Quick Release Cast-Iron Vise with Dovetail Ways, Rotating Table with Cut Line, Band Tension Indicator, Manual Gravi
18 "x 27" Usado Hydmech Estilo de pivote horizontal automático, Cabeza giratoria, Mitre Horizontal Sierra de cinta, Mdl. S-25A, contadores a estrenar de Digitaces para el índice y la cuenta múltiples de la parte, alimentador hidráulico positivo, alimentad
18" x 27" Used Hydmech Automatic Horizontal Pivot Style, Swivel Head, Mitering Horizontal Band Saw, Mdl. S-25A, Brand New Digital Counters for Multiple Index and Part Count, Hydraulic Positive Down Feed, Hydraulic Outfeed Conveyor, Work Light, Automatic
13" x 18" Used Hydmech Automatic Horizontal Pivot Swivel Head Miter Style Band Saw, Mdl. S-20A, Automatic PLC,Touch Screen Control Programmable to 100 Jobs with 20 in Queue, Hydraulic Clamping, Coolant System, Conveyor, Wash Down Hose, #A4532
13 "x 18" Used Hydmech Automatic Horizontal Pivot Swivel Head Mitre Estilo de la sierra de cinta, Mdl. S-20A, PLC automático, control de pantalla táctil programable a 100 trabajos con 20 en cola, fijación hidráulica, sistema de refrigeración, transportado
36'' Used DoALL Vertical Deep Throat Bandsaw, Mdl. V-36, Brand New Transmission Installed!, Hydraulic Table Power Feed, High-Low Geared Transmission, Blade Grinder, Blade Shear, Blade Welder, #A3872
36 '' Usado Doall Sierra de cinta vertical de garganta profunda, Mdl. V-36, transmisión a estrenar instalada !, alimentación hidráulica de la tabla, transmisión engranada High-Low, amoladora de la lámina, cortante de la lámina, soldador de la lámina, # A3
26" Trennjaeger Heavy Duty Ferrous Up-Cut Cold Saw, Mdl. PMC-8, (2) Vertical Hydraulic Clamps, (1) Horizontal Hydraulic Clamp, One Shot Lube System, Coolant System, 16-20-25 V=m/min, Low Speeds Only! Second Speed Change Not Avail., #A4350
10" x 16" Brand New Doall Automatic Horizontal (HEAVY DUTY) Bandsaw with Automatic Roller Feed, Mdl. C-400A, Coolant System, Powered Band Brush, Pneumatic System Flushing Hose, Fine Adjustment Head Feed Control, Workheight Selector, Lever Operated Head Po
18 "x 22" Saw estrenar Hydmech semi-automático vertical biselado Band, MDL. VW-18, ajustable 3 Grado Canted Head, de articulación doble, control semi-automático, 2 completo Acariciar prensas hidráulicas, Manual de Precisión Posicionamiento de la cabeza de
18" x 22" Brand New Hydmech Semi-Automatic Vertical Mitering Band Saw, Mdl. VW-18, Adjustable 3 Degree Canted Head, Double Articulating, Semi-Automatic Control, 2 Full Stroking Hydraulic Vises, Manual Precision Head Positioning from 60 Degrees Left to 60
9" x 17" Brand New W.F. Wells Semi-Automatic Horizontal Twin Post Bandsaw *AMERICAN MADE*, Mdl. W-9-1, 1" Bi-Metal Blade, Carbide Guides with Roller Backups, Manually Controlled Vise, Manually Controlled Blade Tension, 45 Degree Swiveling Vise, Semi-Autom
30 "usados DoALL vertical de la sierra de cinta, MDL. 3012-T, luz de trabajo, la hoja Grinder, placa de cizalla, Cuchilla Soldador, Chip soplador, # A3969
30" Used DoALL Vertical Bandsaw, Mdl. 3012-U, Worklight, Blade Grinder, Blade Shear, Blade Welder, Chip Blower, #A3969
13 "x 18" a estrenar Hydmech Manual de sierra horizontal de pivote estilo de banda, MDL. S-20, Fácil Swing, para trabajo pesado de hierro fundido el cabezal de corte accionamiento de la hoja verdadera directa - sin correas, no hay poleas, 36 "MaterialIn-r
13" x 18" Brand New Hydmech Manual Horizontal Pivot Style Band Saw, Mdl. S-20, Easy Swing, Heavy Duty Cast-Iron Saw Head, True Direct Blade Drive - no belts, no pulleys, 36" MaterialIn-Feed Roller Table & 19" Out Feed Table, Heavy Duty Sliding Vise Jaw, M
13" x 18" Used Hyd-Mech Horizontal (Swivel Head) Bandsaw, Mdl. S20 Series 2, Swivel Mitering Head, Coolant System, Emergency Stop, #A4458
13 "x 18" Venta de Hyd-Mech Horizontal (cabeza giratoria) Sierra de cinta, MDL. S20 Serie 2, giratorio tubo o con la cabeza, sistema de enfriamiento, parada de emergencia, # A4458
36'' Used DoALL Vertical Deep Throat Bandsaw, Mdl. V-36, Work Light, High-Low Geared Transmission, Blade welder not functional #A4162
36' Used DoALL Vertical Deep Throat Bandsaw, Mdl. V-36, Work Light, High-Low Geared Transmission, Blade Grinder, Blade Shear, Blade Welder, Speed Indicator, #A4162
36'' Used Kalamazoo Variable Speed Vertical Bandsaw, Mdl. VS-36, Air Hydraulic Table Feed, Coolant System, Blade Grinder, Blade Shear, Blade Welder, Speed Indicator, #A4287
16 "x 25" usada Hyd-Mech Pesado Pesado automático de pivotado y biselado de sierra de cinta horizontal, MDL. M-16A, Mitsubishi PLC 500 del controlador programable, Agrupación adjuntos, pivotante y tubo o cabezal de trabajo, prensas hidráulicas, Powered ce
16" x 25" Used Hyd-Mech Heavy Duty Automatic Heavy Duty Pivoting & Mitering Horizontal Bandsaw, Mdl. M-16A, Mitsubishi PLC 500 Programmable Controller, Bundling Attachment, Pivoting & Mitering Workhead, Hydraulic Vises, Powered Blade Brush, Chip Auger, Bl
9 "x 16" Venta de DoAll automático de la sierra de cinta horizontal, MDL. C-916A, # A4208
9" x 16" Used DoAll Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw, Mdl. C-916A, #A4208
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