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12" x 24" Brand New Acra Fully Automatic 3 Axis Surface Grinder (Okamoto Style), Mdl. ASG-1224AHD, Electromagnetic Chuck, Automatic Demagnetizing Controller, Coolant System, External Hydraulic System, Heat Exchanger, Halogen Work Light, Grinding Wheel wit

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6 "x 18" Usa la trituradora de superficie Manual de alimentación manual de Kent, Mdl. KGS-618, portabrocas magnético permanente, tocador de ruedas, sistema de lubricación One Shot, refrigerante, tanque hidráulico, indexador de pinzas de fase 2, # A5100
6" x 18" Used Kent Manual Hand Feed Surface Grinder, Mdl. KGS-618, Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Wheel Dresser, One Shot Lube System, Coolant, Hydraulic Tank, Phase 2 Collet Indexer, #A5100
Nueva amoladora superficial completamente automática de 3 ejes Acra (estilo Okamoto) de 12 "x 24", Mdl. ASG-1224AHD, Portabrocas electromagnético, Controlador automático de desmagnetización, Sistema de refrigeración, Sistema hidráulico externo, Intercambi
8 "x 20" Rectificadora hidráulica de superficie Okamoto Semi-Auto, Mdl. 802A, O.S. Mandril magnético de Walker con el regulador, luces del trabajo, sistema del refrigerante, # A4872 Como nuevo. ¡Super limpio!
0.04 "~ 1.58" Usado Acra Molinillo sin Centro, Modelo. RC-12, rueda de pulir con la brida, sistema del refrigerante, aparador del diamante, regulando la rueda con la brida, año (A4827)
0.04" ~ 1.58" Used Acra Centerless Grinder, Mdl. RC-12, Grinding Wheel with Flange, Coolant System, Diamond Dresser, Regulating Wheel with Flange, Year (1999) #A4827
1-1 / 4 "Used KBC Machinery (Supertec Copy) Grinder Centerless, Mdl. C-12, Cajones hidráulicos de rueda, Reposacabezas, Sistema de enfriamiento, Nice Condition (1996) # A4826
1-1/4" Used KBC Machinery (Supertec Copy) Centerless Grinder, Mdl. C-12, Hydraulic Wheel Dressers, Through Feed Work Rest, Coolant System, Nice Condition (1996) #A4826
19" x 78" Used SMTW Shanghai Machine Tool Works ID/OD Universal Cylindrical Grinder, Mdl. M1450Ax2000, Internal Grinding Attachment, Motorized Workhead, SMTW Wheel Balancer, SMTW Leveling Plates, SMTW V-Blocks, Coolant System, (Original Paint) Very Clean
19 "x 78" Usado SMTW Shanghai Máquina Herramienta Trabaja ID / OD Universal Cylindrical Grinder, Mdl. M1450Ax2000, Accesorio de pulido interno, Cabezal de trabajo motorizado, Balanceador de rueda SMTW, Placas de nivelación SMTW, Bloques en V de SMTW, Sist
Multi Barrel Tumbling Finishing Machine A4769
1-1 / 4 "Usado Supertec Centerless Grinder, Mdl. STC-12, Cabeza Cónica, Unidad Hidráulica Autocontenida, Sistema de Refrigeración, Muelas de 5-1 / 2" de Ancho, Rueda de Alimentación de 5-1 / 2 " Rueda de rectificar y rueda reguladora, Extractor de rueda,
1-1/4" Used Supertec Centerless Grinder, Mdl. STC-12, Tapered Head, Self Contained Hydraulic Unit, Coolant System, 5-1/2" Wide Grinding Wheel, 5-1/2" Feed Wheel, Hydraulic Dressers For Grinding Wheel & Regulating Wheel, Wheel Extractor, #A4635
1" Used Burr King Belt Sander, Mdl. 562, Tool Rest, Single Phase Motor #A1603
8 "x 22" Usados Harig herramienta de corte y cortador de molino, Mdl. Steptool, Cabeza de trabajo impulsada por motor, con la nariz 5C, cabeza de trabajo sensible, con la nariz 5C, ruedas de pulido, nota: Fase monofásica, 1 motor H.P, # 8378
8" x 22" Used Harig Step Tool and Cutter Grinder, Mdl. Steptool, Motor Driven Work Head, With 5C Nose, Sensitive Workhead, With 5C Nose, Grinding Wheels, Note: Single Phase, 1 H.P Motor, #8378
18 "Generador de Espuelas / Generador de Vidrio Strasbaugh, Mdl. 7X, Sistema de Alimentación Pneumo-Hidráulica de Estiércol de Strasbaugh, Variador de Velocidad Inferior del Cabezal, Indicador Digital de Altura del Husillo, Cámara de Molienda de Acero Ino
18" Used Strasbaugh Glass Grinder/Production Generator, Mdl. 7X, Strasbaugh Proprietary Pneumo-Hydraulic Spindle Feed System, Variable Speed Lower Spindle Drive, Digital Spindle Height Indicator, Stainless Steel Grinding Chamber, Stainless Steel Coolant S
37" Used Timesavers Wet Belt Grinder (METAL GRINDER), Mdl. 137-1HDMW, Quickpanel Jr. Controller, Paper Filter Coolant System, Spring Loaded Hold Down Rolls, Load Meter, Emergency Stop, Air Knife Dryer, INCLUDES: BRAND NEW OEM TIMESAVERS CONVEYOR BELT!, #
52" Used Timesaver Wide Belt Drum Grinder, Mdl. 2211-45-0, Timesavers Wet Dust Collector WDC-7, Programmable Controller, Motor Load Meter, Disc Brake, Tracking Regulator, Belt Tension Regualtor, #A4582
2" Used Garboli Planetary WET Grinding Machine With Abrasive Belts for Grinding, Buffing and Satin Finishing of STRAIGHT OR BENT PIPE OR TUBE POLISHER Items Made Of Stainless Steel, Brass, Iron or Any Other Kind of Metal Having Round, Oval, Elliptical , M
12" x 24" Used Okamoto Fully Automatic (3 Axis) Surface Grinder, Mdl. ACC-1224DX2, Emergency Stop, Rapid Down Feed, Coolant System, Hydraulic System, 12" x 24" Electro Magnetic Chuck, Digital Display For Vertical Axis, Power Rapid Wheel Positioning, Servo
6" x 18" Used Brown & Sharpe Automatic Surface Grinder, Mdl. 618 Micromaster, Coolant System, Splash Guard, #9737 *SPECIAL PRICE! ASK SALESPERSON ABOUT MACHINE AND WARRANTY*
36 "que se utiliza AEM Cinturón Grinder, MDL. 501-37MD, Seguimiento del ojo eléctrico, con Resorte pisadores, el seguimiento de aire En Cinta transportadora, ajuste manual de altura, botones de emergencia, medidor de carga, el colector de polvo Hood, # A1
36" Used AEM Belt Grinder, Mdl. 501-37MD, Electric Eye Tracking, Spring Loaded Hold Downs, Air Tracking On Conveyor Belt, Manual Height Adjustment, Emergency Stop Buttons, Load Meter, Dust Collector Hood, #A1468
6.5" Used Amada Togu III Automatic Punch & Die Grinder, Mdl. Togu III, 6" 3 Jaw Chuck, Coolant System, DC Servo Motor, Gas Springs, Filter Case, Air Blow Mechanism, Auto Lube System, Year (2000) #A3745
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