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9 Stand Used Lockformer Roll Former, Mdl. L- 9, 7/8" Shaft Diameter, 4" Wide, Spray Mist Lube#9425

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16 Ga. x 4' Brand New Birmingham Manual 3 in 1 Machine With Stand- Shear, Press Brake, Box and Pan Brake, Slip Roll With Stand, Mdl. SBR-5216-C, 16 Ga. x 52" Shear, 16 Ga. x 52" Hand Brake, 16 Ga. x 52" Slip Roll, Stand, #SMSBR5216C
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Used Montgomery Power Plate Roll, Mdl. , #A3864
8 Ga. x 4' Brand New Birmingham Heavy Duty Initial Pinch Hydraulic Plate Bending Roll Machine, Mdl. R-0440-H, All Three Rolls Are Driven By Hydraulic System, Hydraulic Powered Pinch Roll, Removable Foot Pedal, Digital Counter, Made In Taiwan, #SMR0440H
8 Ga. X 4 'estrenar Birmingham Heavy Duty Pinch inicial Plato hidráulico Doblado Rollo Máquina, MDL. R-0440-H, los tres Rolls son impulsados por sistema hidráulico, hidráulica rollo Pinch Powered, el pedal del pie extraíble, Contador Digital, hecho en Tai
八嘎十4“全新伯明翰重型初始捏液压板料折弯搓牙机,MDL。 R-0440-H,这三个辊驱动的液压系统,液压动力夹送辊,可移动的脚踏板,数字计数器,原产地台湾,#SMR0440H
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1/4" x 6' Used Webb Heavy Duty Initial Plate Roll, Mdl. 3L, Air Drop End, Emergency Foot Treadle, Manual Front Roll Adjustment, Power Rear Roll Adjustment, with Indicators, Forward Reverse Buttons, #A4351
1/4 "x 6 'Roll Usado Webb Heavy Duty Placa inicial, MDL. 3L, descenso del aire de salida, emergencia del pie del pedal, Ajuste del rodillo delantero Manual, trasero de suministro de Ajuste Roll, con indicadores, botones de adelante atrás, # A4351
50" Used W.B. Knight Powered Rotary Table, Mdl. 50, Davong DC Variable Drive Control With Indicator, Horsepower: 1, #A1261 *SPECIAL PRICE! ASK SALESPERSON ABOUT MACHINE AND WARRANTY*
16 Ga. x 48" Used Pexto Power Plate Roll, Mdl. 3418, Foot Pedal, 3-Wire Grooves, Manual Drop End, #A4534
16 Ga. X 48 "roll feed Pexto plate is used, MDL. 3418, foot pedal, 3 wire grooves, the final straw Manual, # A4534
3-3/4" Used Reed (3 Die) Cylindrical Thread Rolling Machine, Mdl. A23, In Feed & Thru Feed Capability, For Threaded Rod With Standard Thread Forms, ACMES or Ball Forms, Ideal For Rolling Forms on Tubing, Assorted Dies, #A3543
.078" x 20" Used Schubert Parts Flattening Straightener, Mdl. WM2- 500, 4- Dial Indicators For Upper Roll Adjustment, Auto Lube System, #9281
Sterling Machinery Exchange At Westec 2017 Machine tool show. Demos of Qantum Roller M2006P 6' 4 Roll Plate Bender Equipped with the CNC EVO Control (2017).
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9 Stand Used Lockformer Roll former rollformer metal machinery machines sale sell sales
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